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What Are Ketones and What is Ketosis?

Check out this great little video that explains all about ketones and ketosis in a fun, easy to understand campfire analogy.

About Keto with Casey


Keto Lifestyle

Ketone Experience

Ketone Experience

My own journey to finding a healthy Keto lifestyle has given me insight  into the many challenges one encounters. Let me help you find success with a Keto lifestyle that is sustainable for you! 


Ketone Experience

Ketone Experience

Ketone Experience

Adding Pruvit Pure Therapeutic Ketones to my day changed everything!  My client success stories reflect my ability to, time after time, help clients improve  their health and achieve BETTER. 


Keto Reboot

Ketone Experience

Keto Reboot

The 60-Hour Keto Reboot kleanse will help you Reset your Metabolism by reprogramming your genes to run on fat for fuel.  We Reboot together, as a group, once a month. 

About Casey

My Journey

I had been on Keto for 6 months without any real results.  As soon as I added ketones to our day and a monthly Reboot, I saw significant results!  That is why I became an Independent Pruvit Promoter!

Why Pruvit?

Pruvit owns the patent on pure therapeutic ketones which was developed with grants from the Department of Defense and the Office of Naval Research.  In short, they are the BEST and the only ketones backed by scientists and medical professionals. Which is why I chose to become an Independent Pruvit Promoter to share the keto and ketone conversation.

Why I Share

When I started using Pruvit ketones, I started to feel like myself again.  (Not to mention the 35lbs I've lost!) I want to share this feeling with everyone I meet, because everyone should have a chance to feel BETTER!

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